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24/7 Emergency Fencing Assistance

Fences across your area or premises are necessary to provide a sense of security and safety for young children, pets and farm animals. Likewise, farmers and country property owners need reliable and suitable fencing solutions across their property to safeguard their farm animals and stock. Fences help keep the animals within the safe area and reduce the risk of any unwanted incidents.

We at Country Fences sell electric and portable fencing solutions across Australia and help people stay safe. We enjoy working with farmers and country property owners; advise and install fences, and provide emergency fencing services upon receiving requests from them.

With our 24/7 Emergency Fencing Assistance, you are safe and covered thus, providing you with guaranteed peace of mind. We provide services across different regions and locations in Victoria, so you can rest assured and call us anytime you need our services.

Recently, we helped Jason, a farmer and a countryside property owner from Bendigo, when he reported that a tree which broke down during recent thunderstorm had damaged the fence line of his property. Jason needed immediate help with fence repair to safeguard his live stocks and made an emergency callout on our 24/7 Emergency Fencing Assistance number at 1300 022 500.

Over the call, Jason sounded quite worried as he was away for the weekend when the mishap happened and needed to sort out the issue at the earliest possible to keep his business running.

Paul ensured quick assessment over the call and reached Bendigo to help Jason with all the necessary equipment to repair the fence line quickly and efficiently. Using Gallagher posts, strainers and wires, Paul has installed a super-strong and long-lasting solution for Jason for peace of mind.

If you ever face a similar situation where you need quick or emergency fencing assistance to ensure the safety of your stocks and farm animals, call us on 1300 022 500 and talk to Paul or Caroline for a quick quote and guaranteed quality services at competitive rates. Don’t delay, call us today!