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Country Fences provides innovative solutions for rural fencing

Country Fences is a brand-new business aiming to make rural fencing easier than ever – bringing together regional landowners, product manufacturers and fencing service providers, all in one central and convenient website.

Inspiration from a love of the land

Husband and wife team, Paul and Caroline, have always had a love-affair with rural life and working on the land. After working and living in Melbourne for many years, Paul and Caroline opted for a tree change, to escape the busy city and embrace the freedom of regional living.

After discovering a passion of fencing and land management, and no longer wishing to work in the city, Paul decided to utilise his 20 years of experience as an IT Security Specialist and his skills with websites and create a unique space for all things fencing.

Providing a range of different services that not only support landowners and the fencing industry, Paul particularly hopes to provide support and advice to other ‘tree changers’ who may not know how or where to start when it comes to fencing their new rural property.

Along with, of course, creating a business that gave him and his wife the freedom to work from home, in regional Victoria.

Solving fencing headaches for property owners

Fences are incredibly crucial on any country property, no matter how big or small. Even the smallest hobby farmers need reliable and suitable fencing for any stock or animals they wish to keep.

For beginner farmers or new ‘tree-changers’, upgrading or installing new fences can be tricky. Different types of animals have different needs. Different paddocks and farm areas might have different terrain or unique requirements. And there are certainly lots of different fencing options to choose from.

Paul hopes to offer his fencing knowledge and advice, helping property owners determine precisely the fencing setups they need, for their purposes and property.

Country Fences can then manage the entire fencing project for an owner, assisting them to obtain appropriate quotes, assess availability and timeframes of fencers, choose their service provider and then manage the entire process with that service provider on behalf of the property owner, completely hassle free.

Solving critical problems within the fencing industry

Fencers have an incredibly important role within the world of farming, but it’s not always an easy one. When you’re on site, in the middle of a paddock, unforeseen issues can, and often do, arise.

While most fencers are great at forecasting the equipment they might need for each job, tricky terrain or other issues they run into, might well dictate a change in plans. Often, this also results in the need for more fencing parts. Country Fences can save fencers the inconvenience and delays of not having what they need, by shipping the required products to their location.

What’s more, in the case of an equipment breakage or failure, work won’t have to stop for long. Country Fences will have the ability to get onsite help to the fencer, by offering replacement hire equipment and organising the repair or replacement of theirs.

Both of these functions ensure fencers won’t lose time, nor jobs, no matter what they get faced with. Ultimately, protecting their income.

24/7 Emergency Fencing Assistance

There’s nothing worse for a property owner, than to realise a fence is broken and is putting their valuable animals at risk. Storms and falling trees can cause major stock losses, resulting in a loss of income, should those fences not be fixed immediately.

When these unfortunate but inevitable events occur, Country Fences is there to help. Whether it’s in the middle of the night or on a weekend, Paul and his team can organise fast assistance across Victoria, to get those fences back up as quickly as possible.

A whole host of innovative fencing services in one place

The Country Fences website provides an amazing array of features, centralising the entire fencing industry.

These include:

Online Store – Providing easy access to a great range of the latest and greatest fencing products, delivered to your door (or paddock!).

Request A Quote – A convenient way for property owners to ask for quotes for their fencing projects.

Adverts – A place for service providers to promote themselves.

Jobs – Helping fencing companies to hire quality staff.

And plenty more to come.

For Paul and Caroline, it’s all about bringing rural landowners and the fencing industry together, making life easier and more efficient for everyone – for a top-quality fence, every single time.

Money Back Guarantee

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High Quality

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